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Ethicoins at Forbes’ event

Forbes Digital Revolution


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Ethicoins has a section inside dedicated just to educational phase, that it could be visible soon on, just because helps to grow up the other people it’s important as the same of oneself, but it’s also important sharing the “know-how” and personal experiences thanks by the presence inside of international and really famous events.


Also the entire Ethicoins staff was in the summit of Forbes Digital Revolution, in which the objects were about innovative system in informatic way, as an example the blockchain, cloud and the smart working.


Today the possibilities are limited because the pandemic Covid-19, but it’salso true that the opportunity still stay unlimited if you use all the chances that the informatic system offers. If these possibilities are used and synchronized with expertise, they could help you to grow up the billed, they could cut the execution timeline and also the production cost for their realization.


In add to this, Ethicoins will create a great international Academy, although this it attended with big interest in the Forbes’ summit, always based on the sharing principles for oneself and the others, added that it could possible achieve the maximal goal for the final costumer just with the sharing principles and the total synergy without limitation and constrictions.

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