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With enormous pride we proclaim that very famous and influent foundations have already married our project because they get together in its ethic vision, in the values, in the moral principles who move it and they appreciate the final goal instead the charity for the needy.

Some are visible for everyone, whereas we could present some more soon on our web site, now it’s just important to said that we are very satisfied about these partnerships.

We always trust in our project for first, but we receive another pleasant confirm to see and know that so many people and foundations are interested in this project and they permit us to represent highlight themselves.

Help the world in its totality (the Planet, Humanity and Animal Reign) is our mission and alone we couldn’t do something: so, for this, the real change is a big work of all, we could do something alone but isn’t enough, we need also your help!

So now we want to say thank you to all wants to support us, to all that still thinking about and to all that would help us in the future… and remember, just together we are strong.

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