Save the Planet!!

How could manage a capital like this in an equitable mood?

And what’s the deal in this charity?


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Ethicoins, that’s on-line from a bit time with also an ICO campaign, exists to create a synergic philanthropic action line by giving the 5% of its funds in charity.


Our Business Plan shows exactly how we choose to organize that funds.

At the moment of the choice, we decided to divide the charity in three specific lines:

the Planet where we live, the Humanity considered in its totality and the Animal Reign.

Give a voice to who has no voice it’s the final goal of our charity campaign, help who really needs it’s an essential part of our future and the future of all the people after us. We cannot call ourselves “Ethicoins” if we act different from this.

We’re thinking about the area “Planet”, we ask ourselves who could be the most important no profit association in the world? So why not Greenpeace?

They’re on scene between 1971, represented in more than 31 places in the world, they act against the causes of the world discomfort (from the global warming to the contamination), they’re also very strong in the fight for the marine and land flora’s salvation, they’re really careful about the environmental impact for the production of food and drinks…. We’re able to say that the common goals are evident and also we’re close to the Greenpeace’s way of act and where they would to act in the future.

We’re glade to announce that all the Ethicoins’ employees will give in charity to Greenpeace the 5% of their salaries!

Also your help could be useful to save our Planet:

Click here to donate:

Give what you could, also a single person could be different, but together we’re strong!

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