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Since 14th December you could see an interview taken by the famous Dott. Marco Cavicchioli, the popular founder of the blog “”; this blog deals with blockchains and cryptocurrency’s world. Our founder and CEO, the Cav. Mauro Marasca, talked around twenty-five minutes about our project, replied with clearness to all the answer placed.

Starting by a simple presentation, they  passed to talk about the project’s final achievements, how they could be process and reach, and also how we could manage the flows of funds to ensure the charity (in the same way that you could see on the White Paper available on our official web site).

Obviously, they talked about the professional’s team who support this ambitious project, with a relevance for the founder and creator of Ethicoins.

They also talked about the crowdfunding, how it could be possible to transform the achievements in facts as we want to do from the beginning.

Clearly, they had to talk about the ICO’s concept, how it works and how it’s divided in its three evolution phases.

Also important is the name’s choice, so for this, the interviewer asked how we chosen and used it to create a world of connections that are simple evolutions born by the initial idea that moves on us. In this moment appeared the passage in which they talked about the future born of an Academy, in which we will select just the best performer of the cryptocurrency’s world to teach their knowledge at all the people who will really interested in.


The free knowledge given to all who want to transform in a personal treasure, it’s for us the best gift that we could give; it’s a new ethic information’s concept, really empty in the world in which we still live.

There will be for sure another moments like this in which we could give another information about how we work and some more about our future projects, as the Academy for example, so it’s just easy to follow the upgrades on our official website.

A real big thank you to Dott. Marco Cavicchioli of “”, for the patience, competence and the time dedicated to us with clarity and clearness enviable.

Here you are the official interview’s link:




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