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2° Monthly Report

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At the end of this year, really hard and strong for everyone, despite we have some problems on the road, we realize good goals, so we are really glad about our work and about our achieved results.

Like all, everyone was touched in is intimate sphere by the happenings of this past year, it was really hard for everyone so it’s for this that we would use some words to wish you all a good new year in which there will be a lot of achieved results, challenges completed, dreams come true..

For first, we want to say thank you at the company who trust in us from our first steps as Greenpeace, maybe you remember because we already talking about in another article, the Croce Rossa Italiana, the new entry Feeding America of Anthony Robbins and some more important foundation, with which we are at the final stages and we cannot talk about now.

So another year starts, with the flavor of big changes in the air, full of freshness that characterize the turning point, full of expectations and new goals to achieve.

The targets of this new year are: become more incisive to help the planet in which we live following the guide lines contained in the White Paper (available in the our institutional web site) and achieve the goal that we set ourselves, especially to complete in a bit time the Dash Learn of the Academy and the Ethic Shop on the e-commerce platform.

We obviously want to say thank you to who trust in us during this year, who met us from a bit time and who is thinking to follow us from this new year to realize a new way of life.


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    January 25, 2021

    my name is Akahito and I am from Japan. Are you still looking
    for programmers? We are a small company, but we really like your
    project and would like to know how we can work together.

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    Hassan R.
    January 29, 2021

    Good morning, I have been following the cryptocurrency market for years and note with interest that you are always in direct contact with foundations and us readers.
    Would it be possible to receive your new monthly report for January?
    I would be glad to consider a collaboration either directly or with our company in Dubai.


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