Today we start phase 2 of the road map

Now we change gear… are You ready?

Ready to go again together


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Today, 1st of March 2021, the second round of our ICO campaign starts, at 100% of progress, with its economic report in the middle of the softcap.

From today who wants to support us will receive a final token of 25% contrary until the midnight of yesterday.

But don’t worries You still have time to be a part of this big journey, this round last sixty (60) days and it will end to give more space at the final round of the ICO campaign.

Now, in this first day of this second round, we are at the 3% of working progress:

the e-commerce is officially in a beta phase and we will program the launch fixed on 22th March 2021, ready to sell just ethic products selected thanks to their morality. Are you curious to find out all our products? Well, because the date is really close, and we still work for You!

For the e-learning platform, closely linked to the born of the Academy, we’re glad to announce that two schools and three bloggers of the cryptocurrency area are part of the background of the Academy.


Their ready to participate at the growth and foundation of our cryptocurrencies’ Academy.

We still wait to announce their name just because the launch of the e-learning platform is really close: we fix on the 29th March 2021!

As you could see, the launch is really close so please still follow our report to find out our partners’ name!

We’re satisfied with our work, we’re still conscious about the long way to go, but we still trust in our project, in our partners who believe in us, in who wants to see its products on our e-commerce, in professionals who follow us every day… all of them could help us to get our final goal!

Stay update with us by our blog, by our official web-site so You could see our progress.

We want to use this post to say thank You who still be with us and who still trust in a better future like us, made by us for all the people who come after us, just together we could do it!




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