We start to give!!

We start to give!!

Ready to change the world..


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We still work in progress with the e-commerce and the e-learning project that will be the base for our cryptocurrency’s Academy. We still working good but we don’t forget about the updates of our blog.

Everyday we have some troubles and difficulties, like every other company, but we don’t forget about something, especially about the charity.

Who already follow us from time just knows about the achievement of softcap means a financial allocation of 5% about the funds of the ICO crowdfunding during this six (6) months as You could see on our Business Plan available on our institutional web-site.

But there’s a problem: not all the company could accept a donation directly from other companies. In fact, some of our partners could accept donations just from private citizens because their company’s policy is based just on this form of charity.

So how we could do it? How we could still have a good partnership with this companies and also still remain in ethic and transparency way?

Well, some donations for these types of companies are organised by our staff members directly from their personal finance. In this way we could also support these companies while we could guarantee the maximal transparency for everybody.

For example, Diving Club and Feeding America received a donation by Ethicoins as a company, instead Greenpeace, Croce Rossa Italiana, In-Dipendenza and Rise Against Hunger receive the 5% by salary of our staff members.

Like this we could demonstrate that every single transaction was made by Us, by showing our face for our projects, for our company and by a demonstration of what we promise is true. We also want to be an example for everybody!

And You?

What did You expect?

Be a part of this project, we still making the good things for the Planet, the Humanity, the Animal Reign!

 Nothing of this could be possible alone, the world has be changed together!

Together for the everybody’s future, with all of You, we become stronger day by day!





  • reply
    Dylan Jr. Staller
    March 16, 2021

    Goooooooood job guys!!!

  • reply
    Luke Roony
    March 16, 2021

    Okay…. you guys are awesome!!!

  • reply
    Donald Stick
    March 16, 2021

    Here in America things are going well… I know that in Europe you are still on your knees!!! Do something very nice for everybody…

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