We start phase 3

We start phase 3 of the Road Map

Now we change gear again..

Are you ready?

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Here we are, we’re back! We coming to the beginning of the third and last round.

Finally, we could see the end of this ICO, the first of Ethicoins’ group.There are a lot of goals, also more important than we expected, but we are not come to an end.

We fight every day to get this point, now we’re at the final sprint.

In a few days we have the last confirms about the no-profit organisations that write a partnership with us
to cover homogeneously the cash flows in charity flows as you could seen on our Business Plan.

We’re glad to announce that soon we’ll be able to have online our Ethic Shop, despite it has to be ready on
the 31th of July.

It will be open seven days out of seven, 24h and you could find out on all the ethical
products that you could imagine.

What they are?

Well, it’s not so good to tell you now all the information about, it’s correct to tell you that’s right to have a
look on this, before to say more.

It’s not true?

For the ECS Academy things are more complicated than we expected. Despite our best efforts, we’ re in
late with the opening of our didactic structure, so for the moment we’re stopped on.

In spite of this situation, we’re in line with our Road Map to open our didactic structure and soon we’ve an
official date of beginning.

This first ICO is near to close, it ends on 30th June 2021, but who knows, maybe you could see some surprise

For the moment it’s correct to don’t say more about, so please stay connected on our official website,
follow us with attention and discover what happens in the future!


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