The ethic blockchain

Ethicoins will be used for the official transitions that will give an ethical and legal values to all the payments, this project also will donate until to charity around 50 million of euro and will create the first prestigious cryptocurrency Academy (ECS Academy)

The round will end on 31/01/2022
Reached: Updated until 31.01.2022 €
Softcap Hardcap

Transitions archive

All the transitions will be archived, catalogued and made recognizable by the name of physical person or by the company name of the legal person, in the total respect of the anti-money laundering laws

Secure coin

The cryptocurrency, that born from the ICO, could be used in total safe, because will be recognised by the most important world entities and will be protected by the best secure system of the world

Legal value

All the payments operated by using of Ethicoins Token will be recognize as a regular payment method that gives legal value and benefits to both parts during a transition to all institutional bank group

About us…

Ethicoins will be a multi functionally cryptocurrency: physically because it will be money card and pocket-sized token, virtually because it will be also an electronic money and credit cash on digital shop

Our team, with all our knowledge, decided to renew the world of cryptocurrency. How we could do it? Given to all the solutions, by an educational program that helps to create the first ethical group: a system based on famous professionals and trainers in the world who work together for becoming a better world in a real and also virtual form

Ethic Shop

Rechargeable Cards

Shops Payments

Cash withdraw

All in One App

Physical Token



su di noi

Buy to help

Ethic Shop
Search what you want and compare between all our supplier, then buy your selected product and give to charity the 5%

Rechargeable Cards

Buy, withdraw and show your status
Your card shows who you are: in plastic white/silver or the famous black aluminium card… show your money power

Defence yourself from Covid-19 and card forgery

Shops Payments
You could buy in total safe just using your contactless card, without any type of contact and also you have to declare your pin code verbally. Obviously, you could change your pin code in any moments

Cash Withdraw

Change your cryptocurrency into a physical money
Today the money paper still remain the most important money form, it’s for this reason that you could be able to have cash in your hands wherever you need

Have the total control from your phone

All in one App
Did you forgot your phone at home? No problem! With your phone and our app, you could control all: your token and cryptocurrency wallet

Physical Token

Make your cryptocurrency account real
Receive your payment in a completely new way: show the QR code print on your physical coin and control all directly on your electronic wallet


Attend at the most innovative Academy in the world
We want to share all of our knowledge with all the people interested in. We trust in the sharing knowledge because it’s the best type of ethic growing up


Do your best to help
For every payments, change value and business profit, we donate the 5% to charity; we give this money to intermediates who stand trusted among us

The real token value

If you decide to be a part of this eco-system you will see forever your name engraved on a plaque, visible in all our educational and care centres so you’ll be conscious to help us in a creation of something really helpful for the entire planet

Growing up your profit

to help the others
This ICO campaign want to reward who support this project with his personal knowledge, productive capacity and add ethic value.
We start with a stable value of 0,10 € to one token. In the first round we give to all a 50% bonus, in the second round a 25% and in the third round the 10% based on your token purchase, on the pre-established limit of time and until stocks run out as you already knows. This happens because these three rounds have to be sustainable by the economic budget accounting.
You could also help us to grow up our charity group with the report of new foundations for giving real sustain to the needy.
Whoever is skilled in this cryptocurrency’s area and adds ethic value to the project, will be rewarded by the current laws.


Progress of work


Progress of work


Progress of work

Road map

June 2018
The idea
The project was born in Milan (ITA) at the Knights of Malta's event
August 2018
The strategy
The eight realities were identified and organized
January 2019
The team
All the associates were organized and employed to work with the maximal care
September 2019
The planning
The project was finished to plan and nominated in an ethic form
August 2020
The beginning
Ethicoins was legally born
September 2020
The inauguration
The web site was on line
November 2021
The starting
The ICO campaign begins
January 2021
The goal
The ICO campaign ends
January 2022
The charity
We will give the 5% of the budget on charity
January 2022
The App
You could download the App on the App Store e Google Play
January 2022
The trading
The Token will begin a convertible and spendable cryptocurrency
January 2022
The ethic shop
The shop will start to work on the web
February 2022
The orders ships
Get your card
February 2022
The purchase
You could spend your cryptocurrency in the shops
March 2022
The withdraws
You could finally take cash from the ATM
April 2022
The program
We will create the plan of the cryptocurrency Academy
May 2022
The token ship
Get your physical token
June 2022
The Academy
We will open our first cryptocurrency Academy
road map

The team


One App for all

Storage Token

Check your storage token and your personal bonus

Check how many Token still remain to buy

The cart shows how many Token you could buy

Choose your safety level

You could change your safe level in three different rounds

See all the news

Stay always in touch with us to receive all the news

Do your payment with your cryptocurrency

You could pay everywhere with your cryptocurrency

Exchange from the cryptocurrency to the bank

You could exchange your Ethicoins into a different cryptocurrency or bank transfer


Buy now your ECS Token

Help us to help needy

Now you have the opportunity to be a part of a first ethic system to growing up your capital in a moral way while you help the entire planet

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